Who we are

About Geekay's

Geekay's was started in the year 2001 and it has marked its presence as a very reliable and unique service provider in the corporate supplies market. Our mission is to support corporate clients with end to end solutions.

We always value time as a key expense and try to address it in many areas and one of them is providing a one stop shop for anything and everything. This brings us to the concept of single order and single payment for all your supplies, i.e. you order and we handle the Procurement to Delivery process for all of your needs. Products offered by us are Office Supplies, FMCG products, Chemicals, Gifts and many more and we do take up customization of products to satisfy our client’s needs.

Our People

Geekay's believes in the principle “Companies don’t make things happen; but engaged people do” and hence places a lot of emphasis in hiring and training employees and tries to bring quality and customer satisfaction as a key deliverable and translates the same into the organizational DNA, culture and behavior - both collectively as a team and individually. We ensure that our employees are talented, engaged and committed to the Geekay's Approach.

With the corporate services sector's greater emphasis on quality, latest products, on-time delivery and pricing, it is imperative that our staff meet the demands of changing corporate requirements to provide high quality services.

This Approach is embraced by the Geekay's Board, management and staff.

Work with us

Geekay's believes our people are one of our greatest assets. The successful recruitment and retention of staff is vital to our continuing success.

Our culture is dynamic and promotes high standards of accountability. Across the entire organization our people are client focused and value excellent service and continuous improvement.

It all stems back to our commitment – The Geekay's Approach and our staff is passionate about it. Staff surveys tell us that over 95 per cent of our people believe in our purpose, the work we do and are committed to the organization.

When you work for Geekay's you enjoy some fantastic benefits as well as the satisfaction of supporting other businesses. Some of these benefits are:

Work Life Balance

At Geekay's we know that people have different commitments and that everyone’s situation is unique. In providing a work life balance, we do our best to accommodate each person’s specific needs and provide a flexible work environment.

Learning & Development

We’re committed to investing in your learning and development. There’s an array of internal workshops to help you develop your skills and leadership development.


A healthy lifestyle is important to us for both our clients and staff. This extends from Occupational Health and Safety to walking challenges.

Communications & Involvement

It’s essential that we work together as one organization. Thoughts, opinions and ideas are always welcome. We encourage feedback from across our organization and conduct open sessions. The result is an open, democratic environment where initiatives and information are shared in line with The Geekay's Approach.

Current job vacancies

Join Geekay's and you will become part of a passionate, dynamic and committed team, professionals who make a real difference to corporate clients.

Geekay's is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The Geekay's Approach

The Geekay's Approach applies to how we choose to behave in our dealings with others, both inside and outside the organization. It reinforces our principles doing it together, doing it right and doing it better.

These three principles reflect the way people are required to work within Geekay's, how we work with clients, fellow employees and external people, and organizations.

  • Do it together
  • We listen to understand
  • We take personal responsibility
  • We build excellent relationships with our clients
  • We communicate early and honestly
  • We build sustainable partnerships
  • Do it right
  • We use systems and processes in our work
  • We deliver quality outcomes on time and within budget
  • We understand risks and opportunities
  • We are a financially sustainable organization
  • We take pride in the delivery of our Mission
  • Do it better
  • We seek creative solutions
  • We review and continually improve
  • We understand what's working and what's not
  • We respond to feedback
  • We build capacity in all that we do


Our corporate office is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. We have our branch offices in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Kolkata. The current plan is to open several office in other cities.